a $13 jumpsuit


I have this compulsive habit to blurt out, “Guess how much I bought this for?” when I am particularly happy with a purchase. I haven’t been shopping very much this summer, due to a recent shopping ban I put myself on during July. I promised myself it would be out with the old before it was in with the new again, so after some closet cleansing I treated myself to an afternoon at Turnabout Consignment this past weekend.

navy-blue-jumpsuit navy-blue-jumpsuit

I didn’t really read the price tag right away when I tried it on, so I was pretty excited to find out it was only $13! Even though this dark navy jumpsuit covers most of my body, the fabric was breezy and cool against my skin. It’s been a particularly hot summer in Vancouver, hands down the hottest I’ve experienced in the five years I’ve been living here. You can’t tell but I’m sweating in these pictures; I was on Commercial Drive and just wanted to stay in the shade!


Even with all the great sales going on right now (everyone’s getting rid of their summer stuff – GO!), I’m still slowly pruning my closet to prep for a well-rounded fall wardrobe. The hot weather persists but dreary, rainy weather is just around the corner. But, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts – no doubt I’ll be missing it during the inevitable winter downpours!


jumpsuit, turnabout consignment, $13 | purse, zara, $20
strappy heels, aldo, $44.99 | sandals, steve madden, $19.99

[ photography by christian nambayan ]

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  • Style by Fire

    lol I do the same thing! what a great find though – $13!

    I got a black strapless dress for my friend’s upcomign wedding… you wouldn’t believe that I got it for $5. Then another 50% off. Yep, cheaper than a latte.