a not-so-scary word

I got a lot of words of encouragement and congratulations from my last post about quitting my job (thanks, guys!). I was a little nervous after my last day: what would I do? Would I get bored? What if I ran out of money and had to take some crappy job to make ends meet? When I used to think about being unemployed, I would visibly shudder and visualize myself in this scenario: I’m wrapped in a threadbare blanket, eating beans out of a tin can, and rattling an empty coffee cup at strangers for their spare change. My mind went to the very worst case scenario because “unemployed” was a dirty, shameful word that couldn’t be uttered when someone asked you, “So, what do you do?”. Now that I have been unemployed for a little over 6 weeks now (and totally on my own accord), that pretty visual that I would play in my head could not be more wrong.

uniqlo turtleneck and nordstrom rack over-the-knee suede boots | the style saver

The freedom to be able to whatever I wanted in a day is sometimes strange, yet interesting. Over the years, I made sure I was financially prepared for a scenario like this, so I wouldn’t worry that I couldn’t pay my share of the bills. With that out of the way, I tried to be as productive as possible without the constraints of a 9-to-5 and surrounded by barren office walls.

My days go by quicker than expected – I cook healthy meals (and started Whole30 to reset my food habits). I go for runs, bike rides, and use up all the classes on my ClassPass. I have a TON of time to plan and schedule content for the blog, not to mention schedule shoots for blog posts. I read! I nap! Most importantly, most of my time is allocated to spending some quality, much-needed time with friends and family. This is the ultimate goal: work-life balance, flexibility, and having time that is set aside for my support system.

// knit turtleneck, $9.90, uniqlo | wide-brimmed hat, crossroad trading, $7.00 | over-the-knee suede boots, $69.00
// photos by Carolyn Tanaka

uniqlo turtleneck and nordstrom rack over-the-knee suede boots | the style saver

I conveniently left out that although I’ve been enjoying the time off, I certainly do have a full-time gig. I don’t get paid for it, but it keeps me busy. It’s called job-hunting and it is unavoidable; the cash needs to flow again sometime! But this time around, with yoga sessions and a leisurely stroll in between browsing LinkedIn profiles and furiously writing cover letters, it’s not so bad at all.

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