blogging woes

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When I first started reading fashion blogs, I thought it looked fun and easy to do: dress up, snap a few shots to post, and write a blurb about it? Hell yes! I could do that! Little did I know I much time actually goes into it. Regardless, I’ve been enjoying it all the same, but I can really see how some have this as a full-time job – there are so many layers to it, and a lot of learning along the way. Although I’m getting out there and getting outfit shots, I’m finding it hard to sit myself down to actually put together posts, in between work, traveling, and summer in the city. Not to mention thrifting and going to warehouse sales. Luckily, the blogging and fashion community, through recent Twitter chats #sparksessions and #blogtrends, have given me some good tidbits on how to stay on top of it. Now just keep at it …

army green jumper bebe

army green jumper bebe aldo chain purse

army green jumper bebe aldo chain purse

army green jumper bebe aldo chain purse


[photography by soulfulkiddo]

bebe jumper, borrowed from my sister, $39.99
aldo chain crossbody, $29.99
charlotte russe buckle strap heels, $20.00
chain ring, the bay, $4.99
aldo arm cuff, $9.99 on BOGO

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  • One Gentleman

    Blogging is most certainly a much more difficult process, than one could ever imagine. I still enjoy giving my perspective on topics nonetheless, but it definitely takes mucho work. My wife has been interested in the jumper style for a bit now, or is it called rompers. Who knows? She bought one the other day, but didn’t like the fit. Nonetheless, cool outfit.

    • Thank you!

      Yeah takes a mucho amount of work, but it is a lot of fun and everything that comes out of it is another lesson/blessing/skill gained!