joining the fashion revolution

4 years ago I learned about one of the deadliest garment factory accidents in history. It was around the same time I started The Style Saver. I had just started the blog based around the entire idea of being frugal, so most of my purchases were from labels that are now considered “fast fashion”. Over 1000 people lost their lives in that accident at the Rana Plaza Building, the majority of those being factory workers that worked within the plaza. Over the next few months, it was revealed that several of those companies produced their clothing in the Rana Plaza, the very same brands that hung in my closet and sat on my shoe rack. I felt sick, and I felt angry, and I felt I could do better. It was the beginning of my journey to educate myself on the real cost of my purchasing decisions, and what I could do to make a positive change in my life and for the lives of others.

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