a not-so-scary word

I got a lot of words of encouragement and congratulations from my last post about quitting my job (thanks, guys!). I was a little nervous after my last day: what would I do? Would I get bored? What if I ran out of money and had to take some crappy job to make ends meet? When I used to think about being unemployed, I would visibly shudder and visualize myself in this scenario: I’m wrapped in a threadbare blanket, eating beans out of a tin can, and rattling an empty coffee cup at strangers for their spare change. My mind went to the very worst case scenario because “unemployed” was a dirty, shameful word that couldn’t be uttered when someone asked you, “So, what do you do?”. Now that I have been unemployed for a little over 6 weeks now (and totally on my own accord), that pretty visual that I would play in my head could not be more wrong.

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I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, and man does it ever feel good to be taking a break. I craved more balance and flexibility in my life, and after some long conversations with my boyfriend, friends, and family I decided to take the plunge and hand in my notice in the beginning of January. It’s the first time I’ve quit a job without having something else lined up so it was terrifying, to say the least. To give up a steady income (with amazing benefits!) with a stable job (with a pension!) in a place that is constantly named one of the most expensive cities to live in isn’t an ideal situation, but with careful budgeting and (fingers crossed) a few potential projects on the go, I just had to do it.

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year twenty seven


Today is my 27th birthday, and I treat my birthday like others would treat New Years: I am reflective of the year gone by, I am looking forward to the new year ahead, and I am absolutely in the mood for an abundance of drinks, food, and the company of loved ones.

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