plenty warehouse sale 2015

The Style Saver shopping at the Plenty Warehouse Sale 2015 at Vancouver Convention CentreI shopped the Plenty Warehouse Sale this past Thursday night and got a sneak peek of the goods on sale this Easter long weekend. I remember 5 years ago when the sale was at a much smaller space on what is now Brassneck Brewery on Main Street; now, the sale sprawls over 20,000 square feet at the Vancouver Convention Centre, jam packed with racks of heavily discounted clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories. So, like a kid in a candy store, I flipped through each rack, table, and bin, getting the most of the calm before the madness prior to the sale.

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how to survive a warehouse sale: 7 tips

I love warehouse sales. It’s pretty much my idea of shopping heaven; there’s racks of clothing, accessories, and shoes with prices slashed down to the bone and it’s rare that I leave empty-handed. My favourite ones in Vancouver have been the Plenty Warehouse Sale, Gravity Pope’s outlet sale, Lululemon’s Warehouse sale, and Obey’s sample sale. But as amazing as the deals are, with that all that saving and sifting through racks, comes the waiting in line, lack change rooms, crowds, cash-only tills … I’ve been to enough warehouse sales to be armed and ready to tackle it. Here are 7 tips to prepare yourself on how to survive a warehouse sale:

1. Bring cash.
Because these types of sales are held in unconventional spaces to accommodate the inventory they need to sell (ergo, warehouse sales), they’re usually only equipped to handle cash transactions. Even if it advertises that they take credit or debit, depending on how popular the sale is the tills may not be able to handle such a high amount of purchases and can shut down unexpectedly. This happened during a sale I was at one year: it took place in an arena, and the tills wouldn’t accept credit/debit for a short period and there was a mass exodus to the ATMs (that had VERY high withdrawal fees). Avoid the potential headache and take out cash before you arrive.

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