5 tips on how to throw a fantastic closet sale

When I was approached by Kim from Flaunt Fashion Library to host a blogger closet sale, I immediately said YES! Being a part of the previous Shop the Blogger Closet sale was an awesome experience, so I’ve been wanting to plan a follow-up sale for a long time now. The sale was a wonderful afternoon of selling, mingling, cupcake eating, and selfie-taking! I learned a lot after throwing two closet sales and wanted to share some tips on how to execute a successful sale for your sellers, vendors, and customers.

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borrowed is the new black

Long sleeve dude beaded Missguided long sleeve dress. Dress rental service based in Vancouver BC
I’m in my late twenties and the pressure to settle down and start purchasing things is at all-time high – a house, a car, nicer furniture (bye bye, IKEA!), and quality clothing. This isn’t always feasible since living in Vancouver gets quite expensive, but luckily we live we’re living in an increasingly shared economy where you don’t have to own a home, which is why we rent. You don’t need to own a car – there’s Car2Go and Evo. And you don’t even need to own your own clothing – there’s a rental service for that!

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a west coast winter with Fjällräven


Wintertime on the west coast is wildly different from what I’m used to. I grew up in the prairies, where knee-deep snow, bone-chilling temperatures, and parkas defined the winter months. After moving to Vancouver 5 years ago, I’ve finally equipped myself with winter essentials that are great for both city trekking and mountain hiking.

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