coachella 2015: weekend 2 recap

The Style Saver at Coachella Weekend 2 2015

My second year at Coachella was much more mellow and laid-back than last year’s trip. My friend Emily and I stayed in Palm Springs this year and experienced the full relaxation that Palm Springs had to offer, a nice prelude to the 3 day festival bender. I was thrifting at Value Village for a couple of months to find any festival outfit gems, and it was exciting to put together what I found for the festival!

We spent the first couple of days before the festival exploring, and heading downtown for dinner and relaxing by our motel pool, then it was off to the festival grounds.



Day 1: Stay away from the crab garlic fries.

I felt great in my all thrifted lace overlay robe and wide-brimmed hat, paired with a simple bikini top and denim shorts from Value Village. It was cool to get asked, “Where did you get that lace top from?” and reply with, “It was thrifted!”.



There are a few contributing factors to why we both got sick on the first day of the festival. It might have been because we drank more mimosas than water before noon. It might have been the desert heat and sand getting to us. But I felt sick the moment after I downed a basket of crab garlic fries while waiting for Alesso to get on stage. From then on, I was shivering and couldn’t wait to get back to our motel room. And when we did finally make our way home, our shuttle bus ALMOST broke down, but luckily we made it back to our room at around 2am. So, note to self for next year: those fries will smell amazing but STAY CLEAR.

On the bright side, the sets were really good and we felt great in our outfits!


Day 2: The Weeknd cures our festival sickness!

The morning of the second day of the festival was rough. We both stayed in bed past noon, and we might have been perfectly okay with staying in bed all day. But dragged ourselves to lunch, a vegan restaurant, then hydrated and downed a few Cold and Flus and felt a lot better.


We arrived at the grounds around 7pm, in time to catch Flosstradamus. The headliner that night was The Weeknd, and while I was a fan, I wasn’t expecting such an amazing show! His voice absolutely killed it. Oh and Kanye West was his surprise guest but honestly, he didn’t even need it – and was hands down the best set of the weekend.



Day 3: Desert dance party, Drake disappoints.

We had a great start to the last day of the festival: ate a great meal at Appetito, an Italian eatery near our motel (highly recommended!). We saw Kaskade, who had an amazing energy, then Florence and the Machine. Florence was super fun even though she broke her foot from the weekend before and performed sitting the whole set.

Drake was the headliner everyone seemed to be waiting for and he was a decent performer but everyone also seemed to be waiting for him to top weekend 1’s special guest, Madonna. No one did come out (besides Nicki Minaj who made an odd 5 minute where she neither spoke or performed). After his last song, everyone kind of waited around for his encore – but were disappointed after there wasn’t one (not even for “Best I Ever Had”? C’mon…).

Regardless there were some really great acts over the weekend and we met some fun people along the way. The last day I wore a knit crop top with an inky blue Zara skirt – two of my favourite thrifted festival finds.



Above all it was great to spend the weekend with one of my best friends, catching some of my favourite artists in a beautiful backdrop. I’m already plotting my next festival outfits (back to VV I go…).

If you didn’t catch my Festival Outfit Instagram Takeover, head over to Value Village’s Instagram account for a recap, or search my Instagram hashtag #TSSxCoachella for more pics! Big thanks to Value Village for choosing me as their Festival Style Expert!


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