5 tips on how to throw a fantastic closet sale

When I was approached by Kim from Flaunt Fashion Library to host a blogger closet sale, I immediately said YES! Being a part of the previous Shop the Blogger Closet sale was an awesome experience, so I’ve been wanting to plan a follow-up sale for a long time now. The sale was a wonderful afternoon of selling, mingling, cupcake eating, and selfie-taking! I learned a lot after throwing two closet sales and wanted to share some tips on how to execute a successful sale for your sellers, vendors, and customers.

  1. Find an open, airy event space that’s accessible and customizable for sellers.
    We found a great space in Chinatown, Stretch Studio, that also doubled as a yoga studio, so we had some foot traffic from the classes going on throughout the day. The event space was great for our event; it was bright, airy, and spacious enough for 12 sellers. The only downsides were that it wasn’t street-level which hindered our visibility for walk-ins. I also suggest being close to a major train station for that extra convenience.

  2. Have a variety of sellers to expand the range of styles and sizes for sale.
    This sale was focused on fashion bloggers in Vancouver, so I personally reached out to ones who expressed that they had way too much in their closets and those who participated in our previous sale. I chose a variety of bloggers to ensure a wide range of styles and sizes, which was great for the diversity of customers that attended. Nothing worse than going to a sale where it’s all XXXS dress sizes and size 7 shoes!

  3. Invite local vendors to participate.
    We had a few vendors who participated in the event that boosted our marketing efforts with sharing the sale. Vancouver Fashion Truck parked right outside of Stretch Studio and was a fun extension of our closet sale. The Bag Snob offered high-end designer items. I suggest trying to find local vendors who have the same customer demographic, such as jewelry makers, candle companies, or print designers.

    Daria from The Bag Snob at Shop the Blogger Closet Sale on April 16th, 2017

  4. Share your event on Facebook selling groups and meetups.
    The event was free with Eventbrite registration, so we thought it’d be an easy sell to customers on Facebook clothing selling groups.For buyers, it was easy to go to one place to view multiple seller items instead of meeting individually at different times. I posted to 6 different groups a week before the sale, which boosted registrations exponentially. Next time, I’d post the event at least two weeks before the sale.

    Shop the Blogger Closet Sale on April 16th, 2017

  5. Offer swag bags to customers throughout the day.
    Swag bags were a great way to get people through the door. We offered the first 50 people who arrived a swag bag, and I was happy to see that we had a line-up when we first opened! I reached out to companies who would be interested in donating items to our swag bags and we ended up getting a great response; the swag bag included Racinne face cream & masks, a Blenz 2-for-1 coupon, a free week of Stretch Studio yoga, pencils and a notepad from Because I am a Girl and a macaron cupcake from Baked By Meesh. Next time, I might think about staggering the swag bags throughout the day so we have rushes throughout the day and not just in the morning.

I received a lot of great feedback on how to create an even better event next time, and I look forward to participating in another one in the future! We threw a successful event that I was proud to be a part of, and had a wonderful time getting our community together for a great cause. A HUGE thanks to all of our sellers, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and my partner-in-crime, Kim!

Sellers at Shop the Blogger Closet Sale on April 16th, 2017

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