I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, and man does it ever feel good to be taking a break. I craved more balance and flexibility in my life, and after some long conversations with my boyfriend, friends, and family I decided to take the plunge and hand in my notice in the beginning of January. It’s the first time I’ve quit a job without having something else lined up so it was terrifying, to say the least. To give up a steady income (with amazing benefits!) with a stable job (with a pension!) in a place that is constantly named one of the most expensive cities to live in isn’t an ideal situation, but with careful budgeting and (fingers crossed) a few potential projects on the go, I just had to do it.

Over the last few years I’ve been bouncing around different positions and industries, so I told myself that would take this year to figure out what I really wanted to do in terms of my career. I’m on a very specific kind of job hunt now; I know what kind of culture, industry, and position I am looking for, and I’m okay with taking the time to find it. After some (job) soul-searching, I knew it was time to put my administrative and executive assistant career to bed and go after what I really always wanted to do: to work in marketing the tech industry (preferably in a start-up).

I’m not taking this break lying down (although I have had one or two nap days). I’m filling up my days and nights with networking events, catching up with old friends, and putting in hours towards learning about things I didn’t previously put in the time to learn. Although the thought of taking long leisurely walks on the seawall and taking outfit shots all day sounds great, I want to use this time productively to learn, discover, and create. This turned me back to The Style Saver and familiarizing myself with the good ol’ world of blogging once again. As much as I put this blog on the back burner when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, and just not feeling pretty/creative/clever enough to post anything, I always seem to come back to it time and time again. And it accepts me, time and time again, like a trusted old friend.

So, while it wasn’t a huge “EFF YOU” quitting story, it’s an important one in my history. Onwards and upwards!

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  • Dana Tunney

    Good for you Elizabeth! The world is ready for your amazing talents!

  • Jasmyne Ruane

    Good for you lady!! Ian would be so proud!! 😉 Miss you!

    • Thanks Jazz! I miss you too – gosh, Ian! I haven’t thought about him in ages lol!

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