my top 3 shopping dictators


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I usually shop alone, but every so often, I’ll have a friend along for the ride and I tend to pick up on what they look for when browsing the racks and standing in line to pay. It got me thinking: what makes someone buy what they buy and wear what they wear? Obviously, there is an endless list of deciding factors when it comes to one’s shopping habits, but I whittled down my 3 major factors: price, comfort, and its “local” factor.

skirt, Zara, thrifted, blue
Price: ZARA fringe skirt for $6.99 (!!!)

1. Price
Obviously, for me a big thing that dictates what I buy is price. It’s what inspired me to start this blog; my style is largely dictated what clothing, accessories, and shoes have been reduced from the retail price. Some may call it cheap, but I feel like I’ve evolved from buying “cheap” quality things to finding designer/well made items through thrifting or consignment stores to still fit within my budget.

forever 21 lace top ankle boots
comfort: city living demands it

2. Comfort
My style demands comfort, and for me comfort equates to confidence, so not having to worry about tugging hems down, pulling necklines up, or being worried about lines/straps/see-through showing is a huge part of what dictates what I wear. Over the years, I learned what I’m most comfortable in which has lead to easier shopping decisions, and MUCH easier closet cleansing sessions. Also, living in the city without a car and relying on transit means flat shoes are in order for most days.

whiskey teacup kimono
Local: floral kimono by Whiskey Teacup, a Canadian brand

3. Local
I used to shop online a lot, until I had to pay duties more than half of my total price! The excitement of buying online was quickly stifled by the extra duties fees I would encounter, which made me seek out other places to shop within the confines of Vancouver. With the help of Yelp and friend recommendations, I quickly found a plethora of cute, quirky, and unique local boutiques and designers to shop from. It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m reducing my carbon footprint, even just a little bit, by shopping locally and supporting my fellow Canadian business owners.

This isn’t to say these are the only things that dictate my style, but they are strong contenders when contemplating my style purchases.  So, leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your shopping dictators!

What are your top shopping dictators?
What factors make you decide what to purchase for your outfits?


skirt, Zara, thrifted, blue

floral long whiskey teacup kimono

festival wear flower crown

ZARA fringe skirt, thrifted from Value Village, $6.99
Urban Behaviour sleeveless top, borrowed
Forever 21 nude strappy sandals, borrowed

Forever 21 lace top, thrifted from Value Village, $6.49
Flower crown, DIY from AnniePop tutorial
Ankle boots, Plenty Warehouse Sale 2012, $29.99

Floral kimono, Whiskey Teacup, $45.00
Ankle boots, Plenty Warehouse Sale 2012, $29.99

[ photos by McDonald Photography ]

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  • Bitty Berlinghoff

    So smart! I’d have to agree with you on price being a major factor (maybe one day I’ll be able to afford my own LV bag…)
    I think I would also say fibre content impacts the likeliness to pull out the ol’ debit card (I call her Debbie, that way when I get NSF, I can just blame it on Debs). I’m way more drawn to silk than nylon and cotton over polyester.
    Where it’s made also has a big effect on me. If it’s made in Canada or the USA, I’m more likely to buy it than China or Taiwan, just because generally, this likely means better working conditions, etc.

    Thanks for the post! Really made me think 😀

    • Hey there Bitty!
      Where it’s made has definitely made it’s way up on my list, especially after hearing about where “fast fashion” originates from and the working conditions under which its made. Obviously it’s hard to completely switch over but I am more mindful about it.

      Fibre content is something I glance at on the tag but I suppose it would make a difference if I really became more aware of what’s more comfortable (cottons, natural fibres I imagine). Hmm, good food for thought!

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