Staying Social

I started this blog back in June and admit that it fell by the wayside for the second half of the year. But it gave me a little more perspective of what I wanted to do with The Style Saver; I didn’t just start it as a catalyst to begin shopping smarter and cheaper, it was already built into my fashion beliefs and habits. I already felt and was passionate about being frugal. So nothing’s changed in terms of what I believe in for the blog. I had all these great ideas that I never fully developed to put into posts or photos. Now it’s just up to me to keep at it, and stand behind what I believe in.

I have a publishing schedule and am working on some outfits, so I hope you stay tuned for those. Vancouver also plays host to tons of sample and warehouse sales in the spring, so I’ll be updating with those as well!

Lately I’ve been focusing on my social media outlets. I found a great community within Twitter: particularly #StyleChat and #FashionUnfold – participating in these chats connected me to some like-minded people. #StyleChat takes place on Twitter every Wednesday, and #FashionUnfold is monthly. We’ve had some great discussions on there, so check them out, and connect with a great community of fashion bloggers and lovers!



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Simple Black and (Off-)White

the style saver outfit
Vero Moda blouse, H&M pants, Joe Fresh flats

More often than not, I like to keep outfits simple and comfortable. This outfit was bought after a big day of warehouse sales, sample sales, and general frolicking around the city. This Vera Moda blouse had a cute bow and zip detail to make just interesting enough to stand out. The pants are simple side-zipped pants from H&M, and the Joe Fresh nude flats were (of course) on sale for $9.99. Pointy flats are hell to break in though, but they were too good of a deal to pass up.

Veda Moda blouse, back bow and zip detail
Veda Moda blouse, back bow and zip detail

This blouse was originally $70.00, and there was a 50% end-of-season sale, so it was just $34.99. The outfit came in at just under $73, and I didn’t feel the need for any jewelry. The blouse has been well worn and goes with just about everything!

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Pier Pressure


Black lined blazer, Sirens , $19.99

White tank top, Urban Outfitters , $4.99

Tulle skirt, H&M, $10.00

Wedge sandals, Kenneth Cole Reaction, $34.99

I love this skirt – it was one of those pieces that you see on a hanger, and immediately toss it aside because there’s no way you’d ever wear a tulle skirt. But sometimes things have a way to keep coming back into your life. Multiple visits to H&M’s sale section later, I decided to try it on, and it was instant love. Skater skirts like this are all the rage this season and it’s a perfect little skirt to either dress up, like I did here with a pair of strappy sandals and a blazer, or dress down with a pull-lover knit and some nude flats. The fact that it was only $15.00 didn’t hurt either! The wedge sandals were bought at a recent Gravity Pope warehouse sale at about 90% off the retail price. All in all (minus my bag, as it was a gift), the outfit came in under $82 with tax. Not too shabby!

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