Pier Pressure


Black lined blazer, Sirens , $19.99

White tank top, Urban Outfitters , $4.99

Tulle skirt, H&M, $10.00

Wedge sandals, Kenneth Cole Reaction, $34.99

I love this skirt – it was one of those pieces that you see on a hanger, and immediately toss it aside because there’s no way you’d ever wear a tulle skirt. But sometimes things have a way to keep coming back into your life. Multiple visits to H&M’s sale section later, I decided to try it on, and it was instant love. Skater skirts like this are all the rage this season and it’s a perfect little skirt to either dress up, like I did here with a pair of strappy sandals and a blazer, or dress down with a pull-lover knit and some nude flats. The fact that it was only $15.00 didn’t hurt either! The wedge sandals were bought at a recent Gravity Pope warehouse sale at about 90% off the retail price. All in all (minus my bag, as it was a gift), the outfit came in under $82 with tax. Not too shabby!

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The Beginning

Allow me to introduce myself.

I come from humble beginnings. I grew up in the city, raised by hard-working parents who appreciated the value of every dollar they earned and spent. It was my mother who loved a sale – the red tags, the clearance bins, the BOGOs, the additional-50%-offs. So it’s in my blood to immediately head for the sale racks, and pick apart the bargain bin to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. I’ve always loved shopping, but I never felt the need to buy anything at retail price if I didn’t absolutely have to.

My love of fashion and beauty was always a weakness. I yearned for those expensive brands calling out to me from the pages of Teen Vogue and Cosmogirl, ones that I knew I could never afford. But I vowed to look as good as any girl who spent a fortune on her outfit, only I wouldn’t spend a fortune. This stemmed a natural occurring phenomenon that I call style saving: looking as fashionably presentable as can be within a budget. I started to get a lot of “You paid what?” comments when people ask me how much I paid


for a particular piece of clothing, accessory, or pair of strappy wedge sandals. I started to become proud of how much I would save, and it was always fun to challenge myself to find the best sales and see how much money I saved.

This blog will be my journey to make style make cents; finding alternatives to pricier luxuries in life without sacrificing quality. Focused on clothing, I’ll document the sales I hit up, the online hauls I take in, the best ways to thrift, and everything in between. I hope I can provide some insight on that girl in the corner of the store rooting through the sale racks full of seemingly crap clothing from last season (you’d be surprised what you can find if you take the time!).

Here’s to new beginnings of #STYLESAVING


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