Pier Pressure


Black lined blazer, Sirens , $19.99

White tank top, Urban Outfitters , $4.99

Tulle skirt, H&M, $10.00

Wedge sandals, Kenneth Cole Reaction, $34.99

I love this skirt – it was one of those pieces that you see on a hanger, and immediately toss it aside because there’s no way you’d ever wear a tulle skirt. But sometimes things have a way to keep coming back into your life. Multiple visits to H&M’s sale section later, I decided to try it on, and it was instant love. Skater skirts like this are all the rage this season and it’s a perfect little skirt to either dress up, like I did here with a pair of strappy sandals and a blazer, or dress down with a pull-lover knit and some nude flats. The fact that it was only $15.00 didn’t hurt either! The wedge sandals were bought at a recent Gravity Pope warehouse sale at about 90% off the retail price. All in all (minus my bag, as it was a gift), the outfit came in under $82 with tax. Not too shabby!

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