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Traveling is one of those items that everyone seems to have their bucket list. I’ve been wired to believe that I will not have a fulfilled life unless I travel the world; not just bits and pieces of it, ALL of it. And not only that, all this traveling should ideally be done when I’m young and independent of responsibilities like kids, a mortgage and a career.

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american apparel full skirt


My travels haven’t taken me anywhere outside of North America (yet), so sometimes I get a little envious when people speak about their travels in faraway and exotic-sounding places. But when I read Krystal’s post on You Don’t Have to Travel When You’re Young, it really stuck with me because I agreed with a lot of what she wrote, particularly this part:

So travel when you’re young. Travel when you’re old. It doesn’t matter. Travel if that’s what you want to do in life. Or don’t. Just don’t go into debt to do it, and don’t get pressured into stretching yourself thin just because you feel the need to experience or see something by a certain age.

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I do believe it is a good idea to do the bulk of the traveling before settling down with kids and a mortgage, and that some of my travel plans would be best executed when I’m young (because it either involves skydiving or some other heart-attack inducing activity that I don’t know my bones would be able to take when I’m older!). But I don’t believe that it’s fair to feel pressured to travel before a certain age, or do it beyond my financial means. And I need to enjoy my own turf a little bit more before rushing off to other parts of the world anyway. The world will be out there waiting when I’m ready. And when I say “world”, I mean, “little Parisian cafe where I’ll stuff my face with pastries”.

american apparel full skirt

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  • Traveling is something that should happen while young and when we age…most definitely. Some people extend themselves quite a bit, because in their mind, they have to keep up with others. I like this post because you point out how you should do things according to you, your budget and responsibilities. I’ve always found it strange when I see others spending beyond their means, especially because I know they’re usually doing so to impress complete strangers. LOL. My aunt retired roughly 15 years ago, and you can’t find her in one place for too long. She visits Asia, Europe, Caribbean, etc. Is traveling not the purpose of retiring? LOL